Athletic Administration & Coaching

College College athletics has been growing rapidly in the last decade. It now represents a major portion of the sports industry. Almost every college campus (NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, etc) has an athletic department, and there are over 3000 colleges and universities in the U.S.

Athletic departments might have numerous departments such as: marketing, public relations, tickets, sports information, facilities management, equipment, student-athlete affairs, alumni support & fundraising, and many more.

Athletic departments are responsible for coaches, players and programs. The biggest challenge facing athletic departments today is funding. College athletic departments provide a variety of outstanding field experience opportunities and incorporate multiple business platforms. Women are slowly, but surely moving into NCAA Division I athletic director roles.

Sample Jobs

  • Director of Athletics
  • Senior Women's Administrator Athletic Director
  • Head or Assistant Coach
  • Fund Raising
  • Health Care Marketing Director
  • Equipment Manager
  • Facilities Management & Game Operations
  • Athletic Trainer Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Academic Counselor
  • Associate Athletic Director
  • Conference Administration
  • Compliance Coordinator
  • Sports Information Tickets
  • Director Video Services Coordinator










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