Asian American Statistics Asian and Pacific Islander Population & Statistics in the United States:

  • As of March 2000, the Asian and Pacific Islander population in the United States was estimated to be 10,925,000.
  • America’s Asian and Pacific Islander population is overwhelmingly foreign-born at 6,706,000. Those foreign-born are roughly divided between United States citizen and resident alien, with 3,068,000 in the former category, and 3,638,000 in the latter category.
  • With high education attainment and jobs in the professions, 12 percent of Asian individuals have incomes of $75,000 or more, compared to 10.9 percent for whites with that income. Similarly, 32.7 percent of Asian households have incomes of $75,000 or more, compared with 25 percent of white households earning that income.
  • While Asian American poverty hit a new low at 10.7 percent, the percent of whites living in poverty was lower at 7.7 percent.
  • The overwhelming majority of Asian households consists of families – 75.1 percent compared to 67.3 percent for whites. There were 2.5 million Asian and Pacific Islander families. Women maintained 13 percent of those family households with no spouse present, and men maintained 7 percent of those households with no spouse present.
  • Asian American participation in the labor force closely matches that of whites – 67.2 percent to 66.4 percent. Asian Americans have an employed rate of 96.1 percent to 96.6 percent for whites, with the unemployment rates at 3.9 percent and 3.4 percent respectively. Asian Americans in the labor force have 39.3 percent of their number in the managerial or professional categories, compared to 33.2 percent for whites in those categories.
  • In the area of educational attainment, among Asian Americans aged 25 years and over, 28.7 percent had earned at least a bachelor’s degree from college, and 15.3 percent had advanced degrees. That compares with 18.6 percent of whites aged 25 years with a bachelor’s degree and 9.5 percent with an advanced degree.
  • In home ownership, whites outpaced Asian Americans, with 73.6 percent home ownership, compared to 52.9 percent for Asian Americans. America’s Asian and Pacific Island population was concentrated in the American West with 53.6 percent living there. The Midwest had the lowest percent at 11.3 percent of the total. Asians in the Midwest made up only 1.9 percent of the over-all population there, but made up 9.4 percent of the population in the West.
  • Asian Americans are overwhelmingly found in metropolitan areas with 47.5 percent in the central urban areas, 48.2 percent in metropolitan areas outside the central city. Only 4.3 percent of Asian Americans live in rural areas. Source: March 2000 Current Population Survey and 2000 Census Bureau





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