Sports Organizations & Associations

Associations and organizations represent non-profits, coaching associations and the governing bodies of sports. Almost every women’s sport or industry segment has an official organization or association overseeing it. Some organizations are gender specific. The main responsibility of these associations and organizations is to guide its members in its mission and goals, governing laws, business practices, fundraising, competition, playoffs, and championships. Examples of these associations or organizations include: The National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics, The National Association of Collegiate Women's Athletic Directors Association, Association of Women in Sports Media, The National Athletic Trainer's Association, Executive Women's Golf Association, etc.

Sample Jobs

  • Executive Director
  • Associate Executive Director
  • Assistant Director of Administration
  • Meeting & Event Manager
  • Director of Communications
  • Business Manager
  • Membership Coordinator
  • Administrative Assisitant
  • Receptionist

Executive Women's Golf Association
National Athletic Trainers Association
National Association of College Athletic Directors
National Association of Collegiate Women's Athletic Directors
Black Sports Agents Association
Human Kinetics











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