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The Olympic Games, Super Bowl, NBA ALL-Star Weekend, and the NCAA Women’s Final Four are just a few of the thousands of sporting events held each year around the world. Corporate Sponsors and city organizing committees spend millions of dollars on these events which require large paid and volunteer staffs to manage them.

To research your city call the local Chamber of Commerce, Sports Arena or local sports organization and find out if there is a sports or entertainment organizing association in your city. If so, that organization may very well be bidding on the next event to come to your city! Many major corporations are also running their own events these Event management is a very detailed and time consuming role. If you don't like detail or wearing multiple hats then event management is not for you. Overseeing an event is extremely challenging from many fronts. Event management includes executing the event, all the way to full service management, including sponsorship sales and promotional campaigns.

Event managers within companies like IMG, Octagon Sports and SFX Sports Entertainment oversee events from initial concept to development and long term growth. Positions such as these include responsibilities such as, client services, marketing, sales, sponsorships, and audio/video production. Events such as the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Concerts or the LPGA Tour Events have an existing staff that manages the event. The event staff usually includes directors and officers like; Founder, On-Site Coordinator, Marketing Director, Public Relations Director, Corporate Sponsor Account Manager, etc. Each plays a role in the planning, development and success of the event. The Corporate Sponsor Representative Manager might work with companies to secure sponsorship, value-added advertising and promotional campaigns for the event, while the On-Site Coordinator might focus on booth vendors, equipment deliveries, entertainment and special guest appearances.

Events are a great place to build your resume. There are all kinds of opportunities to meet people, gain experience and get your foot in the door with key decision makers. So remember, events need hundreds of volunteers to make them a success. Check with your city for information on events coming to your town and find out how to GET INVOLVED! Once you get involved you just might be hired the next year!

Sample Jobs

  • Executive Director
  • Booking Coordinator
  • Manager of Service Events
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Production Engineer
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Marketing Manager
  • Event Coordinator
  • Staffing Coordinator
  • Event Operations

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